Starting and running a small or medium-sized business can be quite challenging. In today’s digital age, having a WordPress website is essential for showcasing your products and services to your target audience. However, once the website is up and running, what’s next? This is where WordPress retainers come in. 

WPoets WordPress retainers are an effective solution that provides SMEs with ongoing WordPress website support. With customized website solutions and regular security updates, it ensures the long-term success of your website.

In this blog, we’ll talk about how important WordPress Retainers are and how they can help you be successful in the long run.

What are WordPress Retainers?

With WordPress retainers, you will have access to an expert WordPress team, ensuring continuous assistance ranging from regular updates to immediate troubleshooting during emergencies.

WordPress is a powerful CMS, but it can be open to security breaches, downtime, and other problems if it isn’t taken care of properly. The services offered typically range from maintenance (such as regular backups, updates, and security scans) to technical support (which involves troubleshooting and fixing any problems that may arise) to custom functionality development. 

The following are the key components that are typically included in a WordPress retainer:

1. Development hours

WordPress Retainers Development hours

A key part of retainers is the number of hours spent on custom development. These hours are dedicated to adding custom features to the website that go above and beyond what WordPress already offers. It means building features on top of the website as per the business’s needs.

The Wordpress Retainers offered by us include custom development hours that can be used for the following activities:

For custom functionality on the website

Custom functionality means features and functions that are made just for a website and aren’t offered in standard WordPress themes or plugins. These unique features can differ based on what the website needs and what the business wants to achieve. The customization may include developing a custom CRM or RFQ system, a job portal, or maybe a portal to streamline your business processes.

Third-party integrations

Third-party integrations of payment gateways, social media platforms, marketing automation tools, CRM systems, and other external services can be integrated with the WordPress website.

The custom development hours will be used to integrate these services into your website.

Creation of landing pages 

The expert team here will design and develop landing pages that match your brand guidelines, which improves the user experience and thus boosts conversions. These landing pages could be for your social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, or for your email marketing campaigns, or for your next tradeshow, conference, product launch, workshop, or seminar.

Internal Web Page Development

Internal web pages for products, services, awards, and achievements, or any custom webpage for that matter, can be developed and optimized using development hours.

Newsletters Development

Development hours can be used to create email templates that match the website’s branding and are responsive across devices and email clients.

2. UI/UX design

Wordpress Retainers UIUX design

UI/UX design is an important part of WordPress retainers. It involves creating interfaces that are both visually appealing and easy to use in order to improve the total user experience. It’s the first phase before developing the website, where we create low-fidelity wireframes and then high-fidelity web page concepts using tools like Figma, Adobe XD, and many others.

Homepage Design

The homepage sets the tone for the entire website. An effective homepage design has a clear navigation menu, compelling imagery, concise content, and critical call-to-action features. It attracts visitors, makes relevant information easy to find, and guides them through the website. 

Based on the feedback from users, website analytics tools, user journey tools, and heatmap tools, the homepage should be continuously improved so that it is best optimized for conversions.

Internal Landing Page Designs

Landing pages’ main purpose is lead generation. A focused, campaign-aligned landing page maximizes conversions. The design engages visitors, communicates the value proposition, and motivates action. A Retainer plan takes care of everything on your website’s landing page.

Any Web Page Design Concept

Website design involves coordinating text, color, graphics, and layout. A consistent design approach keeps the website professional, boosts brand recognition, and improves the user experience. This includes creating attractive, easy-to-use headers, banners, footers, navigation menus, sidebars, and content layouts for a web page.

3. Graphics Design 

WordPress Retainers Graphics Design

While WordPress Retainers do most of your job, graphic design is often left out. Don’t fret! We got you covered! Most WordPress retainer offerings don’t include graphics design, but we do.

The following graphic design activities can be done as per your needs,

Images for Social Media Ads 

Visually attractive creatives for advertising campaigns are vital for attracting and engaging the target audience. Images for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be created to effectively communicate the intended message and encourage user interaction.

Images for Social Media 

SMEs often need images created to share them on social media. Images required for festivals, events, company updates, or any image for the social media calendar are included in the WordPress retainers. These images should be carefully crafted to fit the requirements.

Icons for website

A well-designed set of icons may do wonders for the usability of a website or app. Custom icons can match the website’s branding, aid navigation, or emphasize crucial features. These design icons should be visually uniform, instantly recognizable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Images for website

Images play an important role in web design because of their ability to convey information, inspire emotion, and improve a website’s aesthetics. We will create or find high-quality images that fit the site’s design, content, and audience. Images will be carefully selected and edited for optimized web performance, reduced load times, and consistent appearances.

These images could be featured images for blog posts, post content images, images for the homepage, landing pages, internal web pages, images for banners and sliders, or any images that are required for the website.

Landing Page Graphics

Landing pages need eye-catching images to increase conversions. These graphics should match the content and goals. All the images required for the landing pages—banners, CTAs, infographics, or any other images—are covered. These images will convey the value offered and boost conversions.

Email Newsletter Templates

Email marketing is a powerful tool for engaging with subscribers and driving conversions. Retainers include the design of brand-appropriate email newsletter templates. The newsletters will be designed as per your requirements. It could be for sending out weekly, or monthly newsletters, sending company updates to your team, or running any marketing campaigns for your products and services.  These templates are optimized for email clients and devices, ensuring consistent branding and a visually appealing experience for subscribers.

4. Technical Support and Maintenance

Wordpress Retainers Technical Support and Maintenance

Technical support and monthly maintenance are included in a WordPress retainer. This includes troubleshooting, bug fixes, software upgrades, security patches, plugin, and theme updates (to keep the website secure, reliable, and compliant with the newest WordPress version), and much more.

Plugin Management

WordPress plugins enhance website functionality and design. Updates can conflict and make managing these components difficult. Our WordPress experts will update or upgrade plugins regularly for performance and security.

Security and Backup Solutions

It is a priority for any business to secure their website. Ongoing security measures protect the website from various possible threats. Implementing security plugins, monitoring for vulnerabilities, and fixing any issues quickly are all provided by our WordPress experts. Regular website data backups provide a recovery point in case of data loss or unexpected events.

Performance Optimization

A website’s speed and performance are crucial factors that define the user experience, and they also have an impact on search engine rankings. Specialists will analyze the website’s performance, suggest areas for improvement, and apply ways to improve speed and performance. Optimizing code, implementing caching, image optimization, minimizing server response speed, and various other techniques are implemented for performance optimizations.

Content Updates and Publishing

Websites need regular content updates to be fresh and engaging. The team will publish blogs or articles, case studies, success stories, or whitepapers and will update them as needed. Also, any content changes to the website pages such as the homepage, about us, products, and services, or any pages including landing pages are covered. Managing all the content on the website will be done by our team.

The SMEs can focus on developing valuable content while experts handle content management.

The Need for WordPress Retainers for 

Website development. Designers and programers create corporate site. Website coding vector concept. Illustration of development website internet page

Now that you understand what a WordPress retainer is and have a bird’s eye view of what they cover, let us dig into why they are the need of the hour for SMEs. 

Continual Improvement of your Website

Any business website has a scope of work that is always changing and expanding. Your site will be updated and upgraded as per your needs on a regular basis, keeping it current and in step with your business’s development. Your website’s success and user satisfaction will both increase thanks to its continuous enhancements.

Regular Maintenance of the Website

Regular maintenance checks, security scans, and updates protect the health and safety of your website. This proactive method can prevent problems, giving your company’s digital presence a strong line of defense.

Eases your Financial Planning

Uncertainty about finances can be a big problem for any business. Unexpected costs can be a problem, especially if they are for important tasks like managing a website. A WordPress retainer gives you a set monthly cost for website services. Our pricing is transparent. This makes it easier for SMEs to budget, eliminates unexpected costs, and makes your finances more stable.

Priority of Service

Most of the time, SME clients that opt for a WordPress Retainer will get priority service. This means that your requests are dealt with quickly, which cuts down on downtime and possible losses. In a business world where competition is high, the speed and ease of priority service can be a big advantage.

Enhanced Security Services

Regular security updates are crucial for businesses, as they are more susceptible to cyber threats. It helps strengthen the website’s security by providing regular patches and timely updates. 

It includes malware scanning and removal, SSL certificate installation, and backup and restore services. You can prioritize security without worrying about the technical aspects.

Helps Focus on the core business

With a reliable partner taking care of your WordPress site, your team can focus on what it does best: brainstorming new ideas, building new strategies, and growing the business. For businesses, outsourcing website management can be a game-changer in terms of operational efficiency.

Expert Support

One of the best things about WordPress retainers is that they give you access to a team of experts. These experts offer advice, help with problems, and solutions that are made to fit the needs of your SME. Their knowledge helps you improve the speed, functionality, and user experience of your website.


WordPress retainers are a key part of making sure that SME websites keep getting better and doing well. SMEs can now focus on their core business activities while getting expert help and reliable website management. 

WPoets WordPress retainers give you the peace of mind you need to thrive in the digital world, from regular updates and maintenance to better protection and priority support.

To discuss more about our retainer plans, please connect with our WordPress expert team.