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Our Experience at WordCamp Bhopal 2016

Last weekend we went to WordCamp Bhopal, it was the second WordCamp of 2016 that happened in India. This was a rush event for us as we reached there early morning on the day of event and left by night, so we could to see Bhopal. Next year we will plan it little better 🙂

In most ways it was the…

Our Experience at WordCamp Mumbai 2016

Last weekend we went to WordCamp Mumbai. This was first WordCamp of 2016 in India, and our experience can be summed by  this tweet from Nisha.

Day 1

We reached the venue by 8:45 AM, and watched the volunteers arrange the registration desk and got our registrations done.

First talk for the day…

Awesome Studio Is Now Public

In September we had announced the private beta of our Awesome Studio plugin. Since then we have received lots of feedback from our users, and based on them we made many changes to the platform and added documentation.

We now feel confident enough to make it public( internally we have been using awesome studio in production for more than a…

WordPress 4.4 is released, see what's new

WordPress 4.4 “clifford” is here, lets check what all cools things we will get in this upgrade.
Responsive Images

Now no need to write extra lines of code in theme for the responsive images, WordPress 4.4 handled responsive image using srcset in img html tag. Using this Browser will figure out which image to load based on client…

WPoets in WordCamp Pune 2015

WordCamp Pune 2015 has released all the videos of the sessions and panel discussion happened on 6th Sep 2015 at Modern College Pune.

Nisha, WPoet’s QA lead who is also a WordPress Theme Reviewer shared her knowledge on “Building a Good Quality WordPress theme”.

There was a panel discussion on “The Business of WordPress” where Amit had shared his…

Continuously Improve Your Website

If you want a website that stands apart from your competition, loads with blinding speed and is supremely cost-effective and to continuously improve and enhance your web presence we have started “Awesome Websites”.

We are offering monthly subscription plans for small and medium businesses to continuously improve their web presence. We make sure your website is a valuable sales…

Introducing Awesome Studio Framework

After working for more then a year on Awesome Studio, we are happy to announce that Awesome Studio Framework for WordPress is now available to everyone, albeit still in limited fashion.

Go check out the most WordPress developer friendly framework, and register for the early access…

WordCamp Pune is back in town

After a gap of one year, we have a WordCamp happening in Pune on 6th September 2015. It’s being organized by Wordex meetup group.

This year it is going to be one day, multi track event and we can promise you that it is going to be better then all other WordCamps that has happened in India. Organizing team…

WordCamp Mumbai is coming up

Next WordCamp is happening in Mumbai on 15th and 16th march 2014. This edition of WC Mumabi is being organised by Aditya Kane and Alexander Gounder, they have managed to get a very good lineup of speakers covering all aspects of WordPress.

I am personally excited to hear about topics that Brajeshwar, Rahul, Annkur and Ramya are going to talk…

WordPress As Lead/Referral Generator For Your Business

John Jantsch of duct tape marketing fame, wrote a blog post filled with good advice on how to use WordPress blog as referral generator for business or company…