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Announcing Awesome Apps

Today, we are happy to announce our newest initiative ‘Awesome Apps’ to empower your WordPress website to do more.

A few months back, we started to think about what more can we do for our customers, who are part of our Continuous Improvement Program. This led us to think about what more can we do with WPoets website, and we

Our Experience at WordCamp Nagpur 2017

Last weekend we saw first ever WordCamp Nagpur and after our awesome experience at Kochi and Udaipur WordCamps we were really excited about attending it. If you did not attend the event do check out photos from the event at our Facebook photo album.

Day 1

At WordCamp Nagpur, first day was dedicated to workshops,  Anirudha conducted a workshop on

Upcoming WordCamps in India - Part 2

In Januray we told you about WordCamps happening till March this year, after a small break we have another set of 5 WordCamps lined up for you to attend in the remaining part of 2017 in a city near you. If you have never attended any WordCamp before, you must attend at least one of them to know what WordCamp

14th Birthday Celebrations for WordPress

On 27th May, WordPress is turning 14 years old, and to celebrate this occasion WordPress communities across India are hosting meetups. Here is a quick list of meetups, do find some time and attend the event in a city near you.

Click on the meetup URL to RSVP for attending WordPress 14th Birthday celebrations.

What is planned
Meetup URL

Our Experience at WordCamp Udaipur 2017

Last month we went to the first edition of WordCamp Udaipur, our 5-day trip started with this tweet

Day 1
We started from Pune to Bandra in the afternoon and reached Bandra Terminus around 9 PM. We had two-hour stay at Bandra before our train to Udaipur arrived and around 11:25

Upcoming WordCamps in India

2017 is an awesome year of WordPress community in India, for the first time in years we are going to have at least 4 WordCamps that are confirmed and at least 3 more are planned to happen in a later part of the year.

Here is a list of upcoming WordCamps in the first quarter of 2017.

WordCamp Pune

Our Experience at WordCamp Kathmandu 2016

In November we attended  WordCamp Kathmandu, It was the usual one day, two track event.

It was one of the first WordCamp events we have attended that actually started on time. It started with Sakin, the lead organizer for this year’s edition recounting the history of WordCamps in Nepal, and why they renamed this year’s edition to WordCamp