WordPress is the world’s leading website building tool. Some of the biggest brands websites are powered with this open source content management system.
It powers right from high traffic blogs and online magazines, to eCommerce platforms to websites of various Fortune 500 companies and much more.
This article lists down significant reasons to choose WordPress for building your business website.  

1. It Is easy to learn, Use and Manage

One of the significant reason why business entrepreneurs choose WordPress over other options is its relatively easy to learn, use and manage.
Learning WordPress is very easy. There are n number of tutorials, guides, how-to articles and videos, e-books free and paid, all available at our disposal.
It’s easy to use interface helps to manage the content on the site a breeze.  
Also, there are inbuilt features provided through admin dashboard such as managing users and their roles, blog comments, RSS feeds, Posts & Pages with their revisions, installing and updating third-party plugins and much more.

2. Google Loves WordPress

WordPress primarily being a blogging platform is full of content. It consists of Posts & Pages containing text, images & videos, etc. Content is loved by Google and is one of the main reasons why Google loves WordPress.
Next, the search engine friendly features of WordPress (along with the integration of third-party plugins like Yoast ) makes sure that the necessary information is available for search engine spiders to consider, relevant to keyword searches that are done.
SEO friendly features of WordPress are,

  • It lets configure Permalinks ( search engines friendly unique URL )
  • It allows us to set the Title & Description of the Page or Post.  
  • In the content part, it has an easy way to add images with their captions and alt tags.
  • Its editor allows editing content with relevant Keywords.

If the Pages and Posts of the website are added and updated routinely, its loved by search engine algorithms especially Google since it’s always looking for fresh and unique content.

3. WordPress wears many hats

WordPress “wears many hats,” means it can be used to build any website. It was originally was created as a blogging platform, but with the time, it evolved and now has transformed into an amazingly flexible, easy to use, robust website design and developing tool.
Few examples of what can be built using WordPress

  • Personal Blog or Website
  • E-commerce Website
  • Membership Website
  • Forums
  • Knowledge Base Websites

The list goes on.
No matter what kind of website you are developing, WordPress offers solutions for all.

4. Mobile Friendly

Google officially says that it’s using the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. Which means it will not entertain websites, which are not mobile friendly.
When you build your website on the WordPress platform using themes and plugins which are built with the mobile first approach, then you don’t have to take up that added effort to make it mobile-friendly.

5. Ease of Integration of Third Party Services

WordPress can integrate with the most popular platforms which could be social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter, Payment gateways such as PayPal  2checkout, Email campaign services like Aweber, MailChimp, and much more.
These numerous integrations can boost your business website depending on what kind of type it is.
Connect with your WordPress Experts here to guide you in Integration of Third Party Services.

6. Safe & Secure

Another primary reason for switching your business website to WordPress is the security measures it offers to its users.
The WordPress community is consistently working on the newer safety measures of the CMS, and periodically releasing it to the public.
Whenever there is a new update of WordPress available, it will be notified in the WordPress Dashboard. From version 3.7 WordPress provides its users with Automatic Background Updates.
Having said that, WordPress security is not just about its core framework. It also has Plugins and Themes which are majority developed by third-party developers.
In that case, certain safety measures such as, avoid downloading the Plugins and Themes from unknown sources, download them from trusted sources, making sure that all the Plugins and Themes are up to date & among other things should be practiced.
Also using top security plugins such as Wordfence or Sucuri Security will help further tighten up the website security.
Lastly taking regular backups is of utmost importance. For more details regarding the security of WordPress read this article.

7. Inbuilt Roles and Capabilities framework

WordPress has the concept of user roles and capabilities. It helps site owners (who are not the sole one to run their business website) to create users and delegate tasks to them.  
Below is the list of roles of WordPress.

  • Super Admin – Gives complete access to the website.
  • Administrator –  Is provided access to the administration features
  • Author – Makes it easy to manage and publish the day to day Posts
  • Editor – Has an authority to publish the Posts, as well as remove or approve other member’s post.
  • Contributor – Is given access to manage and write the Posts, however, have to rely on the administrator’s approval.
  • Subscriber – Is provided with an authority to view and edit own profile.

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8. It has Themes Free and Paid Ones

A WordPress theme is the “front view” of the website. It’s bundling of code, functionality, and styles which defines the overall design or style of the website. It provides much more control over the look and presentation of the material on your website.
 Themes can be Free or Paid or best of both worlds freemium. All of them have their pros and cons. Free themes are good to start with but have the limited feature set and most important limited support (it depends on the theme to the basis, some free themes have great support). Paid themes to have out of the box features and are generally bundled with premium plugins and support.

9. A Plethora of WordPress Plugins

There are more than fifty thousand WordPress plugins in the official WordPress repository.
These plugins help, right from creating image galleries and sliders to collect leads on the website using contact forms & optins to optimize website performance using caching plugins to securing WordPress websites.

10. WordPress Websites are Scalable

Lastly, WordPress is highly scalable. It can serve simultaneous hundreds of logged-in users at a time or can handle huge volumes of traffic without any problems. This feat can be achieved by the right resources, proper configuration and of course scalable infrastructure.
Is already powering hight traffic enterprise websites like TechCrunch, The New Yorker and mission-critical websites like Loantap, and others.
Hope these reasons convinced you to build your business website on WordPress.
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