WordPress plugins are great tools for extending the functionality of your business WordPress website. Many of our users who are the business owners often ask us for suggestions of the best WordPress plugins useful for their business website.
There are plenty of handy WordPress plugins available in its ecosystem, However; it doesn’t mean that each and every plugin will be useful for your website.
Here is a quick rundown of the Ten Best WordPress Plugins for Business Website.

1. Yoast SEO

Today there’s a constant influx of the users using search engines like Google and others. Moreover, that number is ever increasing. Also, there’s no doubt that the traffic from these search engines is one of the primary sources of leads for any website.  
The significance of search engine optimization has become more relevant than ever before.
Yoast SEO plugin helps in search engine optimization of your WordPress business website.
It helps create better content using its inbuilt SEO analysis tool, which analyzes different aspects of copy text such as post title, focus keyword,  meta description and among other things which helps improve the ranking of your website on search engines.
A beginner guide for this plugin can be found here.


Business websites struggle for generating high-quality leads. OptinMonster is a smart lead generation tool that can transform your WordPress website into a lead generation machine.
It is the best lead generation plugin that lets the user create and integrate effective signup forms a.k.a. opt-in forms on the website to collect emails address; helps in building a database out of it.
This user-friendly plugin will let you modify and customize the optin-forms, perform A/B tests, and most importantly it provides analytics and reports for the same.
The plugin comes with a range of pre-built templates, which a novice user can start using to create exceptional opt-in forms in a few minutes. It can be easily integrated with third-party newsletter services like MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor etc.

3.Sucuri Security

Web Security, in general, is about risk reduction, not risk elimination. Securing a website is not a one-time activity since its always prone to various threats, attacks and is always at risk. Keeping a website secure is a continuous process requiring frequent assessments periodically.
Sucuri Security WordPress plugin is built by a reputable, globally-recognized company named Sucuri Inc which also offers website security software and services to businesses of all sizes around the world.
The plugin is one of the best when it comes to providing security. It protects the WordPress website from potential viruses, malware, as well as from DDoS attacks using its robust safety features.
The plugin monitors the website continuously from a security perspective thus avoiding or eliminating any threats. We can also configure security alerts which notifies whenever there is any suspicious activity happening on the website like, multiple failed attempts when trying to login into the WordPress admin section.
Sucuri’s built-in website firewall filters all the traffic through one of the various Points of Presence that it has around the world. Read more here for more details on how to use this Plugin.

4.W3 Total Cache

Page load speed of the website is one of the important aspects to keep in mind while building a WordPress website. Page speed gives better user-experience since website visitor will switch to another website if the page load time is more than a few seconds. Also from the SEO perspective page speed helps boost the rankings on search engines like Google.
Page load times can be improved using caching techniques. It is one of the primary ways to significantly improve website performance.
To leverage caching in WordPress, a plugin such as W3 Total Cache helps a lot.
This plugin when configured will help cache posts & pages as static HTML files so that when the user requests the same page again, the cached version of it is served to the user. This helps avoid server serving the same page to the same visitor.
The main advantage of this is that the page load time of cached pages is significantly low which helps optimize the site performance.
W3 Total Cache also offers transparent content delivery network integration with different types of CDN (mainly Origin Push or Origin Pull) to further optimize the site’s performance.

5. CSS Hero

The plugin allows us to customize the look of your WordPress website. It helps style any element on websites such as background, color, size, margin, padding, and among other things.
It also allows us to save various versions of the designs so that they can be compared later, making it easier to decide which design looks better before activating the same.
CSS Hero plugin is loved by WordPress users since now they can design their website without knowing any technical stuff such as HTML & CSS and among other things.

6. Nivo Slider

The Nivo Slider is one of the premium WordPress plugins (a lite version is also available) designed by Dev7Studio.
The plugin is famed for being a user-friendly WordPress Content slider creator. The users of the plugin find it easy to use, design & manage sliders on their WordPress website.
Images can be added to the Nivo slider manually or can be imported from existing WordPress media or even can be added from social media platforms such as Instagram, Flickr, Dribble etc.

7.Super Socializer

Super Socializer makes integration of Social Login, Social Share and Social Comments on your website a breeze.
Some of the benefits this plugin offers are,

  • Social Login: Login using various Social Networks – Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter,  Instagram, Xing etc.
  • Social Share: Easily add Share and Like buttons of around 90 social networks.
  • Social Comments: Add Facebook Comments, Google Plus Comments, Disqus Comments to your Blog.
  • Compatible with BuddyPress, bbPress, WooCommerce, and other popular WordPress Plugins.

The best part is, it’s absolutely free (with paid add-ons available), lightweight, mobile responsive, AMP compatible, GDPR Compliant, compatible with Gutenberg WordPress editor and among other things. It also has a comprehensive User’s Guide and FAQs to help you it set up as quickly as possible.


If your website is into monetizing business, or something related to affiliate marketing, then ThirstyAffiliates plugin is the right choice for you. The plugin lets you insert affiliate links directly within blog posts & pages effortlessly.
It is one of the best business plugin designed for bloggers who intend to make money through their website and is also the most favored plugin amongst them.
The plugin helps manage your affiliate links, along with a complete review of its stats showcasing how your links are performing.

9.Monster Insights

MonsterInsight is one of the most powerful plugin which effortlessly connects Google analytics with your website. It makes easy for you to review the analytics of the website right in the WordPress dashboard.
The plugin is easy to set-up as all you need to do is connect it with your Google Analytics account. The plugin lets you see all crucial metrics right from the WordPress dashboard eliminating the need moving back and forth between Google analytics account and WordPress.

10. AdSanity

If you are looking for a “simplified Ad management” tool for your WordPress website then Adsanity is the perfect plugin to do the same. Its one of the best plugin in its category offering management of self-hosted and network ads on your WordPress site.
This plugin has a user-friendly interface from where you can create and manage your Ad campaigns. Users can also see how their ads are performing along with essential statistics such as the number of views and clicks.


As mentioned above, the list comprises of the best WordPress plugins in terms of

  • Security
  • SEO friendly
  • Page Speed optimization
  • Marketing and social media plugins

and among others.
Collectively these plugins will help you to make your site robust, secure, load faster, optimized for search engines and much more.
Even though this blog gives just a birds-eye view of ten must-have WordPress plugins, please do go through each of them to know which features offered by these plugins are useful for your business website.
If you wish to make a Business WordPress website; or you have a question regarding that please connect with us here.