Today we are happy to announce ‘Awesome Apps‘, it will enable you to do more with your website.
By adding these apps to your website, you will convert it from a mere website to a useful utility for your business.
Here is list of Awesome Apps that we are releasing

  • Careers: To help you manage your recruitment flow, and create your own talent pool.
  • myHR: To help you manage leaves of your team, print official letter and give self-serve area for your team
  • Plot: Transparently assign, manage and track tasks of your team. Streamline how your team works.
  • Guide: Write and publish product guides, getting started guides, product manuals easily.
  • Tutorials: Easily write how-to articles, tutorials and create knowledge base around your products and services.

You don’t need to install another theme or create one more website to use them, they can become part your existing website enabling you to do more with your website.