Ask an HR professional of any organization the question, What are your biggest pain points at work?
The kind of replies that will be coming from these personnel’s, would be similar as they face similar challenges day in day out.
For any HR professional; the major concerns are, centralization of the employee management, synchronization of all the employees and resources within departments,  input, store & track information of all the stakeholders and among other things.
These concerns can only be address by choosing the right HRMS app, like “myHR.”
myHR is a comprehensive human resource management system (HRMS) which handles lots of complex HR activities such as,

  • Leave Application and Management
  • On-demand generation of essential documents such as offer letter, salary slips, etc.
  • Maintaining up-to-date employee details such as Personal Details, Official Details, Salary Details etc.
  • Managing accruals, carry-overs of employee leaves.
  • Managing Holiday Calendars.

And the list goes on.
Following is an incomplete list of the benefits of using the myHR Awesome App.

Easy to Manage Employee Details

With myHR app, employees can fill in their profile details, apply for leaves (such as Earned Leaves, Paid leaves or Casual leaves, etc.), track leave approvals and among other things.
This helps eliminate the back and forth communication with HR to get the employee’s details correct. It gives the employee the autonomy to view and maintain their records. Also, Employees updating their information makes sure that this vital information is correct and up-to-date.
Just imagine an HR executive manually entering and maintaining an Excel file for all employee details or even worse maintaining paper-based employees data records. This process is error-prone resulting in incorrect and incomplete information, which is not a good sign for any organization.

Track Employees Vacation and Sick Leaves

myHR provides effective tracking of all types of Leaves applied, such as Casual Leaves, Paid Leaves, Sick Leaves, Earned Leaves, Maternity leaves etc.
Employees can request leave by just logging into the HRMS system, and then the authorized personnel can approve or reject their requests with just a few clicks.
Complete leave history of a particular employee can be tracked down, along with various types of reports generation such as “Leave counts of all employees for a specific period,” which is really helpful for audits.
By using this app, managing accruals, carry-overs of all the employees, through year change is a breeze. Just export an excel file, adjust the new leave counts, re-upload the file, that’s it. The newly adjusted leaves count are updated in the system.
myHR also has a calendar view of leaves taken by the employees, which gives a birds view of the same, making it easier for HR Executives and Management to approve or reject leaves based on situations.

All Documents at One Place

HR personnel is burdened with lots of paperwork. If no HRMS system is in place, all the documents are scattered throughout the organization in emails, pen drives, or even on file sharing drives. Also, manual generating & maintaining them in paper-based files is a cumbersome process.   
From generating offer letters, salary slips to managing them, myHR gives a better “Employee Document Management” system where all HR documents are at one place.
Dynamically generate essential documents such as,

  • Offer letter
  • Experience Letter
  • Increment Letter
  • Relieving Letter

These letter formats are fully customizable and configurable so that they can be on demand generated ready to print on the company’s letterhead.
Also, employees have access to these documents through their dashboard making sure that these necessary documents are available to them when they need them.

Generate or Release Salary Slips

Salary slips can be generated monthly for all employees at once or only for selected employees. The format of the salary slips can be customized according to the organization needs; the employees can download the same from their dashboards.
If some employee wants on-demand salary slip of let’s to say last three months, no worries, just generate it, preview it, make any final adjustments (if any) and it’s done.

Closing thoughts

Every organization wants its HR department to be efficient, productive, proactive, accurate, organized. HR operations are an important liaison between the employees and the management of the organization.
To ensure that it’s running smoothly, an Awesome App like myHR helps a lot. It does all the heavy lifting for the HR personnel, transforming the way organizations manage and retain people.