Leave, and Absence management is one of the critical & core activity of any HR Professional. To be able to keep track of each and every Leaves accurately for every single employee through traditional methods like emails or shared spreadsheets or even worse, the partially paper-based form is a nightmare.
Using “myHR” app HR professionals can easily manage Leaves and Absences, employee information, and a lot more with just one Awesome App.
We built this Awesome app ground up and has the following benefits and features.

Takes the burden off from Your HR Staff

Unorganized tracking of leaves and absence using series of spreadsheets (even worse keeping versions of these sheets ) or emails or even using partially paper-based systems is really complicated if not simple chore.
Also, Tracking HR activities such as checking endless emails to know how many employees were on leave on a particular day? Which types of leaves they used (Casual leave, Paid leave, Sick leave, etc.) and how many leaves are remaining for each of them is a grueling and tedious activity.
myHR app lets you easily manage your employee’s leaves anywhere and anytime. It lets you have a complete view of your employee’s leave and absence track records. Now HR departments, Managers and Employees can focus on doing more productive things instead of wasting time manually feeding and managing Leave & Absence records.

Your Employees will love it

With our “myHR” app, there’s no much learning curve. Employees, when logged to myHR, can see their leave balances, official Holidays in Calendar etc. They can submit their leave requests, and HR managers can make decisions on whether to approve or rejects those leave requests.
Also, automated emails notifications keep everyone in the loop right from an HR getting a Leave Request email to Employees getting an e-mail regarding their Leaves requests statuses such as Approved, Declined and so on.
Also, Administrators & HR managers can check everyone’s Leaves balances helping them to make decisions whether to approve or decline Leaves.

Easily Manage Holidays calendars

Who doesn’t want Holidays? Every employee wants to know the official Holidays in the current calendar. With no HRMS in place, Employees have to go to HR personnel to know the official holidays of the calendar year.
In some cases, the HR sends an email at the start of the calendar Year with a title such as “2019 Holidays Calendar list” to all employees or maybe prints it on a paper, places it on a common Notice board. Just imagine how old school and inefficient it is.
myHR gives an easy interface for managing Holidays calendar. Add a Yearly Calendar with its official holidays, and it will start showing it on the employees’  Calendar without having to go through the hassle discussed above.

Generate Salary Slips

“myHR” Awesome App simplifies and automates the salary-slips processing for HR Personnel. Salary slip is generated quickly of every employee, and they can download it form their dashboard without bothering the HR.
A generic payslip template comes in-built with myHR app. For every employee enter salary components details like Basic, DA, HRA, EDU, Medical Allowances and among other things. Preview the Salary slip, make any necessary adjustments and generate it.

Ease of Documentation

Creating offer letters, NOCs, increment letters for all of the employees is a repetitive and mundane task. myHR provides ready to use various types of documents right from offer letter to relieving letter and everything in between.


In short, the myHR app built by WPoets is easy to implement, use, and flexible and can be customized to the organization’s nature of work. The interface has been designed keeping in mind the end users so that they can easily use it.