Are you struggling to create a knowledge base that becomes part of your website and not hosted somewhere else? Writing a good tutorial is a challenge in itself, and you don’t want to add the additional challenge of taming the KB tool?

Here are some of the problems that we solved for ourselves once we started using tutorials app to create documentation for our products.

Not integral part of our website

We pour our heart when we create our website, spending hours getting everything from tone to look & feel just right. Not able to give the same attention to our knowledge base makes it a sad affair. To our customers it may seem like we don’t care enough. Using tutorials app we cane give same attention of detail to every aspect of our website.

Less search engine traffic to our site

Content is what actually drives traffic to our website, when we write that content on another site or domain we loose out on the overall weightage given to our website. When we have KB section on our website not only we get all the traffic, we get better chance to tailor the experience our customers have when interacting with our content.

Cost of contribution

Having to pay for every person who contributes to knowledge base, increases the cost and effort of contribution, making it difficult to maintaining it. If we can get more people from our team to contribute to KB, no only we will dramatically reduce the effort of maintaining the knowledge base, we will also be able to grow it rapidly.

Support emails and calls

Having to repond to same questions over and over again via mail and phone, is not only boring but a waste of useful time. It would be much easier if you could point people to resources, that already have step by step procedure to solve the issue? It will not only allow you to scale your ability to provide support, but will reduce your support request, as people will google these solutions and solve it for themselves.

Use our Tutorials app to create documentation for customers and employees that is easy to customize and simple to use.

Create, organize and share knowledge

See how you can create a public Knowledge Base with WordPress for your customers to find quick help.

Awesome Features of Tutorials

Scale your support with a smarter knowledge base where knowledge is centralized in a single knowledge base allowing everyone to get instant answers.

Beautiful, mobile-friendly pages

Fast search box

Multilingual support

Super customizable

Get fewer support emails

Let customers search and find answers to the simple problems they face while using your product or service.

Do more with your website

See how Tutorials app and our other Awesome Apps can help you do more with your WordPress website.

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