Running a team means managing series of task that team member needs to do, sometimes in consultation with customers. This results in more time spent on endless email chains(we have seen email chains running in 100s) and too many phone calls for updates. Ohh, and do you remember the instruction you gave to your team to execute while you were trying to solve another urgent problem? Was that instruction followed?

We have been dealing with all these issues for a long time, to solve that we tried to use many project management and task management tools that are available in the market. You name it and we have tried it, including our age-old favourite Excel.

Here are some of the problems we solved for ourselves by using Plot for task management.

Hard to follow email chains

We are all familiar with the email chains that start getting created and then lost when we actually need the content of that long discussion. It is still manageable if it is between two people but if more then 3 people are involved, it becomes a big task in itself. With comments on the tasks, the whole discussion is available in one place, no more digging into your emails to get the full picture.

Where’s that file?

Have you faced the situation where you need a file to finish your work, but you are not sure where it is? Especially when it was created by someone else? With Plot tasks a file can be attached, a link saved so that files and resources are always available when it is needed. No need to ask anyone where that file is kept.

Different Workflows

One of the major problem we found in adopting generic project/task management tools was they add to the problem instead of becoming part of the solution. Plot is customizable enough that in certain situation team doing their work means everything is up to date, without having to do any extra work of updating the status or emails.

Nagging for status updates

“What is the status?” is a question that I have heard so many times and I have asked it an equal number of times. Not anymore, when we have the urge to ask this question we open the Plot. Our customer use plot to get this question answered for themselves. We don’t waste our time anymore talking about status updates. Our discussions are now focused on the more fruitful question “What Next?”

Reminding people what to do

Every morning you won’t need to waste an hour just to tell them what to work on. Now they can just open the Plot and know the tasks they need to close today, and even plan their work week.

Who’s working on what?

Having single person responsible for task ensures that task gets completed. With plot you can set clear exceptions and remove doubts around questions like “Who owns that task?” and “When is the deadline?”

Enable your employees, clients, vendors, or consultants, to work together with Plot. Organize everything you need to keep track of and get them done faster.

Task management without email

See how you can get yourself and your team out of the inbox and distracting email chains.

Awesome Features of Plot

Organize everything you need to keep track of individual and team tasks, and complete projects faster and with less overhead. No training required.

Single Screen Dashboard

Create tasks from any screen

100% Accountability

Assign Tasks

Files and Documents in Tasks

Search, filters, and tags

Create integrated task workflows

Make plot integral part of your workflows and give more information to your team when they need it, so they can get more done in less time.

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