Are you still relying on Excel to track your employee leave records? Is your current leave application and approval process too confusing? How much time do you waste managing all the information about your employees?

Here are some of the problems that we faced before we started using the myHR app to manage our HR activities, and by eliminating labour-intensive manual processing we increased our HR productivity by almost 80%.

No clear picture of all the leaves taken by team

When all the leaves are managed in the emails, it is very hard to remember them. Have you made the mistake of approving leaves for multiple employees in the team on the same day, just because you forget that you already approved another leave? More than once we have made the mistake of planning something on the day an employee is on leave. Now with myHR we don’t make these mistakes anymore.

Personal information was hidden in a file

Have you been in a situation where you had to call the newly joined employee and you did not have his/her number in the phone and now you have to go and find it from the resume he had submitted? We have been in this situation many times before we crowd-sourced this problem using myHR, now all the information is always available.

Verbal feedbacks

Do you remember all the feedback that you gave to an employee? We give feedback’s and then mostly forget them, and during appraisal, we only remember the experience of last few weeks. Wouldn’t it be great if you can quickly jot down the notes, and then use it to discuss it with them?

Tedious process of generating various letters

Ah, the pain of creating an offer letter, NOC or increment letters, is well known. Even though it is 90% same, it is still painful. Have you had this thought “If only we could just click and download all these letters”? We did, and so we built the one-click button to download these letters.

Generating urgent salary slips

For a long long time, we did not had any way of generating salary slip for our employees, and we hated it when someone asked of salary slip of last 3 months. Now in few minutes, we create the salary slip of every employee, and they can download it form their dashboard without bothering us.

Updating Personal information

After meticulously updating all the information of employees in the company you found that data is already out of date you have to redo the whole exercise again? Not anymore, with myHR you can crowd-source this to your employees. They will keep their information updated for you.

Our myHR app is designed to be easy to use, fully customizable and easily extendable so that you can eliminate labour intensive HR activities.

Empower your team

See how myHR app can enable your team to manage themselves and do more, at the same time freeing your time, so that you can do more.

Awesome Features of myHR

A powerful but simple and flexible way to manage HR activities of your company and people, features that suit small and mid-sized companies

Leave management

Employee Self Service

Employee Information Management

Simplify employee performance reviews

Generate and distribute customized payslips

Requests history


Simplify your HR processes

myHR will blend with your current HR process and automate many of the routine tasks for you.

Do more with your website

See how myHR app and our other Awesome Apps can help you do more with your WordPress website.

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