Writing detailed “How To” guides are hard. It is important that once we take the effort, we have tools that make it easy to re-purpose the content in multiple ways without us having to do more hard work.

Here are some of the problems we solved with our Guide app.

Part of website

Guide app becomes part of your website. This allows you to keep the documentation and guides on your website, giving you all the organic traffic that it generates. Easily customize it as per your specific needs, allowing you to take full advantage of your content.


You took the time to write a nice documentation, but is it helping your customer or confusing them? With help of feedbacks, your users can provide you with feedbacks for specific sections, giving you the confidence about quality of your article.

Offline View

Many people are not comfortable reading long guides on screen and they need them in print format, with Guid app your users can download the whole guide as a PDF that they can use offline, or print a neatly formated version to use offline.

Guide app is perfect for companies that want full control over their knowledge base and support articles.

Product documentation for your customers

See how you can quickly create easy to use getting started guides for your products, and services.

Awesome Features of Guide

Guide app is more than just a collection of articles.

Access anytime & anywhere!

Feedback from users

PDF manual

Unlimited Guides

Multilingual support

Super customizable

Great product needs great user guides

We get the distractions out of your way so that you can focus on writing a great user guide for your products and services.

Do more with your website

See how Guide app and our other Awesome Apps can help you do more with your WordPress website.

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