We waste a lot of time and energy doing the administrative activities while hiring, these recruitment activities add absolutely no real value but needs to be done to keep things manageable. We decided to tackle this problem for our customers, we started out by evaluating various other solutions that are available, we always found them wanting in one aspect or other. If one tool was solving one problem, it restricted us in another.

Here are some of the common problems that we saw, and faced our selves during recruitment that prompted us to try and solve it for us and our customers once and for all.

Receiving resumes in the mail

Puting these emails in proper queue, and entering them in easily search-able place is hard and time-consuming, some of the solutions that we evaluated tackled this problem by automating the parsing of resumes, but resumes are not standard documents so they still left the work for us. We decided to solve this problem by crowd-sourcing it to the job seeker, they fill all the details directly that we need via a form saving us a ton of time.

The chore of writing to job applicants

When you have received a job application, writing a proper email response to ensure that high level of professionalism is maintained and all the required information is covered for each and every application is very tedious. One way to handle this is to automate these communications for your company so that it takes just a few seconds, and irrespective of who does it the quality of communication to the candidate is maintained at high level.

Managing all the applicants

Using excel sheet to manage the list of applicants and then managing status sounds fun only for excel lovers, for rest of us, it is another tedious task. Even when we somehow manage the list using excel, it is hard to remember which is the latest version of excel file that we used to track all the information. By using careers app we are now able to manage this without even thinking about it.

Custom hiring workflow

One of the main reason why we are still stuck with using email and excel is that most of the other saas software that helps in hiring all insists on following a standard hiring flow, which is usually not compatible with our hiring process, and the solution that we have is to make a system that is easy to customise of your specific hiring needs.

Need to hire urgently and forgetting the name of that great candidate

Not able to remember the name of that great candidate whose resume we had seen but not needed to hire, but now we have an opening but don’t remember the name. We solved this by providing the ability to mark such job applicants to a status and creating a talent pool that allows us to easily and quickly find them.

Tracking feedbacks

If you are like us and take the interview in multiple steps, keeping track of feedbacks during various stages of interview becomes a big challenge, also coordinating between various team members is a challenge in itself. We kept that in mind to ensure that you and your team members can easily leave a feedback on the candidate.

Our Careers app is designed to be easy to use, fully customizable and easily extendable so that your recruitment process becomes a breeze, and you are only spending time on the actual interview and not on the time wasting administrative activities.

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