One Design, Any Screen

Websites Powered By WordPress

We create from simple Informational website to complex workflow websites that works with 3rd party services seamlessly

Theme and Plugin Customizations

We can tweak any premium theme or plugin as per your specific needs, even add new functionality to them

Foreshadowing Maintenance

We provide support with small issues related to code, bug fixes, malware clean up, migration etc.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Fully managed hosting optimized for WordPress with superior uptime, page load speed and awesome support

Digital Marketing Services

We provide specialized SEO and digital marketing services optimized for WordPress

Introducing Awesome Studio Framework

After working for more then a year on Awesome Studio, we are happy to announce that Awesome Studio Framework for WordPress is now available to everyone, albeit still in limited fashion. Go check out the most WordPress developer friendly framework, and register …

WordCamp Pune 2015
WordCamp Pune is back in town

After a gap of one year, we have a WordCamp happening in Pune on 6th September 2015. It’s being organized by Wordex meetup group.   This year it is going to be one day, multi track event and we can …

WordCamp Mumbai 2014
WordCamp Mumbai is coming up

Next WordCamp is happening in Mumbai on 15th and 16th march 2014. This edition of WC Mumabi is being organised by Aditya Kane and Alexander Gounder, they have managed to get a very good lineup of speakers covering all aspects of …

Based in Pune, WPoets is a WordPress development shop constantly working hard on ideas based around WordPress. If the problem is related to WP, no one else would be better to rely upon than WPoets. Whether your need hosting for your blog, custom templates , any unique feature or plugin , we can handle all with ease.


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