Do you want to re-imagine teaching and learning for your educational institution?

Do you want to shift from teacher-centered-education to learner-centered education?

Do you want to integrate LMS into your existing teaching and learning activities?

Do you want a Fully Managed LMS instead of self-service or Do it yourself LMS?

Are you worried about the adoption of LMS by all your stakeholders? Will your teachers and students use it?

Tried free learning management systems, but it didn’t work the way you want it? Were they too generic, complex to use, or didn’t fit your educational institution’s requirements?

If the answers to the above questions are yes, then Smriti Edtech LMS is the right choice and solution you are looking for.

Smriti Edtech Learning management system is a cloud-based, custom-tailored, innovative, modern, modular, and easy to configure LMS. We built this LMS ground up by working closely with top private Schools and Institutes.

This platform has been continuously improved through feedback from various stakeholders of educational institutions such as top-level management, teaching & administration staff, students.

It’s a platform designed to provide students, teachers, and administrators with a single, robust, secure, and integrated system to manage teaching and learning activities. It unifies all types of learning.

It’s a Fully Managed Service, which means we manage all the technical aspects of the LMS for your educational institution, so that your team focuses on the most important task, educating the students.

It’s custom-tailored so that it can be customized to match your educational institution’s needs.

It’s Modular, consisting of seven-plus modules so that your educational institutions can choose the only required modules.

It is not another generic, out-of-the-box, turn-key ed-tech learning management system solution that is out there in the market. Instead, it’s a custom-tailored solution that will adapt to specific requirements that a particular institution may have.

Empower your students with exceptional education experience.

Based on our experience, every educational institution is unique and has its own set of challenges, and this platform is custom-built to solve those challenges.

You can start with the existing features of the LMS and then customize it along the way.

The search for the best online LMS platform for your educational institution ends here.

Learning Management System Modules

Learning Module

Learning Module

It allows you to augment your classroom learning by sharing learning materials, review notes, or additional learning nuggets. Incorporate Learner-centered education through a blended learning model, a combination of offline (face-to-face or traditional learning) & online learning.

Assessment Engine

Assessment Engine

Quickly create practice tests, class tests, and assessment tests, and use it forever. Get progress reports and feedback. Conduct Continuous Internal Evaluations along with summative assessment. Online Exercises or Quizzes can be taken in the classroom on mobile devices or can be assigned as a home test. CIE helps students measure their performance & progress frequently and improve themselves accordingly.

Content Authoring Tools

Content Authoring Tools

Collaboratively Create, Arrange, Publish & Manage the E-learning content. Create engaging and interactive content using Text, Image, Audio & Video.

Online Academic Calendar

Online Academic Calendar

Prepare online Academic Calendar, Master Time Table & Teaching Plan. Ensure effective curriculum delivery through a well-planned and documented Process. Students & Teachers will have access to this through their online portal.

Feedback / Survey Module

Feedback / Survey Module

Collect feedback from all the stakeholders viz. Students, Parents, Teachers, Employers & Alumni through a structured feedback system. Periodically review the teaching-learning process, structures & methodologies of operations, and learning outcomes. Share the feedback with NAAC and other accreditation agencies.

Course Management System

Course Management System

Conduct Enrichment courses and Value-added courses. Easily track and manage the various processes like Online Prospectus Sale, Student enrollment, Tracking their progress, generate and issue completion certificates.

Training Management System

Training Management System

Plan, Implement, Assign, Track, and Assess Training programs for students and staff members. Manage information such as venue details, instructor details, attendance, among others. Generate and issue certificates to attendees.

Meeting Management System

Meeting Management System

Streamline pre-meeting, during the meeting & after-meeting activities. Document meetings of various bodies, cells, committees, alumni association, IQAC, among others.

Reimagine Teaching & Learning With Smriti Edtech LMS.

Let’s schedule a demo where we will show how this LMS helped transform teaching and learning for top-rated educational institutions. See how this LMS could do the same for your institution.


Blended Learning

Blended learning is one of the many forms of learning which fundamentally changes the way teachers and students approach teaching and learning, respectively.

Integrate blended learning approach to make learning more interactive and engaged. It will complement the traditional learning process of your educational institution.


Students can avail of various benefits by switching to e-learning. They can learn anytime and anywhere, at their own pace, taking the time they need to absorb the information.

Students can access the educational material uploaded by faculties, submit assignments, and attempt quizzes. They can also receive personalized feedback from the teachers about their performance.

Offline Learning

Manage your offline classroom activities such as creating and scheduling sessions, classes or lectures, mark students’ attendance, distribute notes and assignments, collect submissions from students’, grade or give feedback on the assignments.

LMS Mobile App

Educational institutions must virtually go where the students are spending most of their time, i.e., on mobile devices. They should tap this opportunity to connect and engage with students effectively and make the most of it.

Mobile technology has changed the way teaching-learning was conducted. By combining traditional education techniques and mobile technology integrate a blended learning approach.

Mobile apps based e-learning has already become a complementary digital tool along with traditional classroom-based learning. It makes learning more engaging and active than ever before, which was a passive activity.

Authentication and Authorised Access

Only authenticated and authorized users have access to the LMS portal.

Authentication checks the identity of the users, before giving them access to the LMS. Username & password, OTP based login, SSO, two-factor authentication, among other options, are used here.

Authorization is when the user successfully logs-in, which resources the user has access to. Students have access to their resources & they cannot access the resources or sections of other users. Similarly, teachers have access to their resources & they cannot access other user’s resources or sections.

Complete Reporting and Analytics

Data-driven, Real-time, on-demand & easy-to-visualize reports can be generated, which helps teachers and administrators in strategic planning.

Reports on students learning progress, to assignment completions, to quizzes results, to summative and formative assessments performance, among others, can be generated.

These reports help teachers identify slow, at-risk, non-performing students, and take measures to help them improve over time.

Reporting and Analytics help your Educational institution to measure, evaluate, gain insights, and, most importantly, its data-based evidence whether the students are receiving high-quality teaching or not.

Reports can be generated on the data which the learning management system captures.

Custom-tailored LMS

Our technology experts will proactively work with you to configure & customize the LMS for your educational institution’s needs.

Every Module, such as Learning Module, Assessment Engine, Online Academic Calendar, Feedback or Survey Module, Course Management System, among others, can be customized to fit in your requirements.

Modular LMS Platform

Smriti Edtech’s online learning management system consists of various modules that are required by the educational institution. These modules are developed to meet educational institution’s needs.

You can choose the Modules you like to integrate with your current existing teaching and learning activities.

Video Conferencing tools Integration

Integrate with various Video Conferencing platforms that you use for conducting online classes.

Whether it’s Zoom or Microsoft Teams or any other video conferencing tool that provides an API. Using API import all the data from these tools right into the Learning management system.


Teachers can Grade tests, quizzes, exercises, assignments, submissions, individually or in bulk. Grades could be entered manually or can be automated.

Custom grade reports can be generated. Use standard scales or create grade scales from scratch that best suits your grading rules.

Advanced grading methods can be developed as per the educational institution’s requirements.

Grades help students to do their own reality check of how they are progressing and their overall performance. Based on it, they can plan their studies.

All-in-one calendar

Academic Calendar, Master Time Table & Teaching Plan All in one place.

Teachers can enter all the information comprising all the details regarding their curricular planning and implementation. This can be planned course wise, semester wise, or for the entire year.

Students use a calendar to keep track of the various academic activities such as course completion dates, assignment due dates, upcoming quizzes, among others.

This calendar can be navigated by year, month, week, giving all the stakeholders a birds-eye view of the important events of their concern.

Data & Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with Google suite, Office 365, Google Analytics, calendars like Google, Outlook, or Yahoo calendar.

Push & Pull data from SIS, MIS through APIs.

Integrate various payment gateways, receive online payments, Bulk Email & SMS services to send notifications to all the stakeholders.

Import data from your favorite Web conferencing tool such as Zoom, Microsoft teams, or any tool with an API.

Accessibility LMS

The LMS will be configured & customized for compatibility with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 AA).

These global accessibility guidelines empower your educational institute to provide education for all. The content on the LMS is accessible to students with disabilities.

Enterprise Scalable LMS

The LMS can scale as your institution grows and evolves. Any number of learners can use the LMS.

The LMS is built on Enterprise architecture that can scale as per the requirements of the educational institutions. It is a cloud-based LMS; hence the server infrastructure can be scaled.

Since it’s a fully managed LMS, we take the responsibility to scale it as per usage needs.

Multilingual Content

The LMS supports Multilingual Content. Teachers can add content in any language such as English, Marathi, Hindi, among others. This is helpful for language-based learning content, quizzes, assignments, courses, and subjects.

Why Choose Us

Fully Managed

You don’t need to install, update, upgrade, or configure anything. Our team of technology experts will manage each and every technical aspect of the Learning management system.

Right from configuration, to creating users, to importing data, to LMS training, to tech support, we are with you all the way.

We manage the LMS to offload your burden, thus saving your crucial time. Focus on teaching your students, and we’ll handle the rest.

Extension of your team

From the configuration of the LMS to customizations, to planning the launch, to user & tech support, and beyond, we are with you every step of the way.

We fully manage all the technical aspects of the LMS, and we won’t disappear after the contract is signed. We offer true partnership and are personally invested in your successful usage and adoption of the LMS.

Support & Maintenance

We deliver outstanding user and tech support. Consider us an extension of your team; we offer full support.

We manage every technical aspect of the LMS, including updates, upgrades, regular backups, virus and malware scanning, security updates, and more, so that you can spend your time on the important stuff, educating the young.

Enterprise-grade security built-in

SSL certificates, authenticated and authorized access, SSO support, two-factor authentication, OTP based logins, integration with various authentication solutions, and other security features keep your data and the platform safe at all times.

The LMS data is completely safe & secure on cloud servers.

Benefits to Teacher

  • Using LMS, teachers can publish their educational materials online, which could be lecture notes, presentations, sample question papers & question banks, among others.
  • Conduct online exams using quizzes, which consist of pre-built question templates of MCQs, Match the Columns, fill in the blanks, etc.
  • Create & share assignments; collect submissions from students digitally (Online text or File submissions). Grade or give feedback on the assignments.
  • Using LMS, teachers can accurately track the student’s progress of how much percentage of the content a particular student has studied.
  • Teachers can evaluate the completed quizzes & given assignments.
  • The progress of the students is reviewed from all aspects, based on which the feedback can be given to the students.
  • Mobile apps help teachers interact directly with students wherever they are. They can reply to the queries asked by students, thus giving immediate feedback.
  • Teachers can mark attendance of students online.
  • Personalised feedback from teachers can help the students reach their full potential. It keeps students motivated, on track, and engaged.
  • Teachers can bring innovation and creativity in teaching-learning.
  • The Meeting Management System helps teachers to document meetings. All the details such as venue, list of attendees, agenda, notes, action items, among others, can be documented.

Benefits to Students

  • An All-in-one calendar to keep track of all the academic activities such as upcoming sessions or classes, assignment due dates, quizzes, among others.
  • Students can attempt and complete quizzes in the classroom, in their free time, or even at home.
  • Students through mobile apps can get access to all the information anywhere & anytime.
  • Using the mobile app, they can view their class schedules, academic calendar, upcoming assignments with their deadlines, course material. They can attempt quizzes and complete exercises, read notices, news & blogs.
  • LMS makes learning more individualized, creative & dynamic. It makes education learner-centered instead of teacher-centered.
  • Students can concentrate on learning, and the teachers can focus on teaching.
  • Students can upload their homework or other documents through their portal.
  • Feedback can be given by the students on the individual classes or lectures, teachers, and educational institutions as a whole.
  • Students themselves can keep track of their studies and progress. They can see how much content is consumed by them and how much is pending. They can evaluate themselves by taking online tests or quizzes.

Benefits to Parents

  • LMS allows parents to track the progress of their wards whenever they want. Based on the progress, parents can have detailed discussions with the teachers to improve the ward’s academic progress.
  • Parents can be given access to their ward’s academic calendar where they can view all the academic activities.
  • The Learning Management System encourages the parent’s participation in the academic context. Right from the beginning, they can track their ward’s progress.
  • Feedback is given by the teacher on each subject, assignments, homework, quizzes and overall performance is all in one place.
  • Frequent interaction with teachers, improved communication between staff and parents.
  • Instead of waiting for parent-teacher meetings and formative assessment results to review the progress of their ward, Parents are up-to-date with their ward’s progress all the time.
  • Parents can be notified with their wards assignments deadlines, exams, tests, results or grades, and overall performance.

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