Do you want to take your in-classroom activities online?

Do you want to digitally manage the timetable, attendance, assignments, formative & summative assessments, and much more?

Do you want to integrate innovative teaching methodologies into the existing learning process?

Do you want to shift from teacher-centered education to a student-centric education?

Then Learning Module is the solution you’re looking for. It’s the backbone of the Smriti Edtech Learning Management System (LMS).

The Learning Module helps teachers manage, streamline, and track their entire learning activities. They can create more personalized teaching experience at every touchpoint of the student’s journey.

Smriti’s Edtech Learning module has a user-friendly interface, with authenticated and authorized access to teachers and students. It’s a powerful collaboration tool that combines both traditional and modern teaching methods.

It helps to incorporate learner-centered education shifting from teacher-centered education. Instead of students learning in classrooms and at the pace of their teachers, they can learn at their own pace anytime and anywhere, taking the time they need to absorb the information.

Students can access the education material uploaded by faculties, submit assignments, and attempt quizzes. They can also receive personalized feedback about the performance, from the teachers.

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Package Learning content

Teachers can collaboratively create, arrange, publish & manage the learning content using content authoring tools.

Various content types such as text, images, audio & video can be bundled together to create engaging and interactive learning content.

Reuse Learning Content

Content, once created can be reused year on year.

Many teachers teach the same course in the consequent semester/year. Even if the teacher changes, the content can be shared, thus saving a lot of time and effort.

Content Authoring tools

Through content authoring tools, all the editorial workflows, such as editing & updating content, tracking authoring work, revising, reviewing, previewing, approving & publishing the content can be done.

Master Timetable

The learning module has a Master timetable built into it. All the important events can be easily accessed such as class schedules, upcoming assignments with their deadlines, practical exam dates, formative and summative assessment dates, among others.

This dynamic timetable can be navigated by week, month, year, thus giving a birds-eye view of the important academic calendar dates to all the stakeholders.

Integrate with Video Conferencing platforms

Integrate with any video conferencing tools that provide an API. Use your favorite video conferencing tools for teaching & engaging your students. Import all the data from these tools straight into the Learning module.

Easily manage Student’s Attendance

Teachers can mark students’ attendance through Web and Mobile Apps. Daily, weekly, monthly, semester wise, or yearly reports can be generated. Attendance details can be shared with parents.

Easy Assignments management

Share Assignments to students, with or without due dates. Teachers can track the completed assignments, review, and provide feedback to students.

Assignments in the form of PDF, Word file, spreadsheets, or any other digital format can be shared. Students can upload the assignments from their portal and submit it for approval.

Track Progress of Students

Teachers can accurately track the learners’ progress, such as how much percentage of the content a particular student has viewed, evaluate results of completed quizzes, or even track the status of given assignments.

They can review the progress of the students from all aspects. Based on the review, feedback could be given to the students.

Exercises & quizzes in-between Content

Exercises & quizzes can be mixed in between the learning content, which allows teachers to gauge if students have grasped the concepts.

Feedback from all the stakeholders

Teachers can give personalized feedback to students. They can share the students’ feedback with Parents. Teachers can take effective, as well as corrective measures, to help students in performing better.

Students can give feedback on individual lectures and overall teaching. This feedback helps improve the performance of teachers.

Custom Mobile Apps

Effective learning can happen beyond the classroom, thanks to mobile technology. A custom e-learning Mobile App developed for your educational institution will give your students access to the learning content anytime & anywhere.

Mobile apps based e-learning is a complimentary digital tool along with traditional classroom-based learning. It makes learning more engaging and active than ever before.

Incorporate various types of Learning

Whether it’s Blended Learning, E-Learning, or Face-To-Face Learning, the Learning Module will help deliver teaching and learning the way your educational institution wants it.

Also, engage in Collaborative-learning, Synchronous & Asynchronous Online Learning, Flipped Classrooms, Distance learning, among others all using a single Module.

Completely Digital

Students access the learning content through web-based e-learning portals (on desktops, phones, or tablets) & on Mobile Apps. They can learn online on-demand 24/7, whenever they want & from wherever they are.

Detailed Analytics and reporting

Detailed reports are available of student’s attendance, progress such as how much learning content they have consumed & their performance in exercises & quizzes. These reports are completely customizable as per the requirements.

Support for Multilingual Content

The Module supports any language such as English, Marathi, Hindi, among others, which is useful for language subjects.

The Teacher can package the learning content in the language of their choice.

Realtime Notifications

Notifications are sent in Realtime to all the stakeholders through the Web and Mobile Apps, which helps them to stay updated all the time.

This notification could be in the form of notices, announcements, important events such as upcoming lectures, assignment submission deadlines, exams, co-curricular & extracurricular activities, among others.

Unified dashboard

The Module offers a centralized dashboard for teachers to manage course content, assignments, tests/quizzes, grading, track progress, view reports - all from a single place.

Why Choose Us

Fully managed Learning Module

The learning module is a fully-managed service. This means we take care of every aspect of the learning module, including configuration & implementing, managing, customization of features, and support. Consider us an extension of your team.

Managed by our LMS experts, the learning module is a dynamic e-learning platform that will meet the needs of your specific educational institution.

Custom-tailored Learning Module

Whether you run a School, College, Private Institution, or Coaching classes, the Learning Module can be customized to match your needs.

Every institution has unique needs. We have the experience and expertise to deliver customized learning module as per the requirements.

Technical support & Maintenance

We provide world-class user and tech support. We manage everything, including updates, backups, security, and more, so that you can spend your time on the important stuff, educating the young.

Enterprise-grade security built-in

SSL certificates, authenticated and authorized access, SSO, two-factor authentication, OTP based logins, and other security features keep your data and the platform safe at all times.

Benefits To Teachers

  • Engage students with both online and offline teaching and learning.
  • Deliver engaging & interactive learning content.
  • Add, edit, update, remove, organize, re-organize content so that it’s presented in a way that best suits the learner’s needs.
  • Hassle-free creating, editing & updating of course content.
  • Multi-lingual course content support.
  • Easy to manage assignments and assessments.
  • Automated reports of student performance & progress.
  • By tracking the student’s learning progress, teachers can identify struggling students and help them in their studies.
  • Collaborate beyond the classroom.
  • Reduced workload hence better productivity.
  • Secured data.
  • Better organization of classroom activities
  • More engaged students than ever.
  • Teachers can focus on learning outcomes.
  • E-learning improves the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Easy to use interface of Learning Module.
  • Personalized learning.

Benefits To Students

  • Students through Web and Mobile Apps have access to all the study resources such as course material, lecture notes, sample question papers & question banks, presentations, among others.
  • It allows students to study anywhere, anytime, at their own pace using Web and Mobile Apps.
  • Personalized feedback from Teachers.
  • Students track their own progress.
  • Enhanced interaction with teachers.
  • Better student-teacher collaboration.
  • Access to Master timetable, Academic calendar.
  • It enables students to access content/reading material and related information on the go and plan their learning as per their convenience.
  • Learning is no more passive activity; it’s active by practicing online learning.

Benefits To Parents

  • It helps to build a better parent-teacher-student relationship, achieve more effective communication.
  • E-learning Module gives Parents up-to-date information on their ward’s academic progress.

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