Educational institution’s face challenges in conducting online formative and summative exams to assess students’ progress. There are a lot of free and freemium online assessment engines in the market. Are they too generic, complex to use, or didn’t fit the requirements of your educational institution?

Our online exam solution provides an easy way to conduct online assessments, along with their grading & evaluation. No need for trying multiple tools for conducting online exams to figure out which one to use. It’s an all-in-one exam solution that you were looking for.

Your search for the best Assessment Engine for your educational institution ends here.


Formative and Summative assessments

Conduct both formative and Summative assessments.

Surprise exams, practice exams, weekly and monthly exams, midterm, final & backlog exams, or even placement exams can be easily created and assigned to students.

Conduct tests periodically instead of only summative assessments.

Create, Package, and Conduct exams seamlessly

Quickly add, edit, update, remove, organize, re-organize questions to create an assessment.

Create exams by course, semester, textbook, chapter, sections, and subsections. Configure exams consisting of questions of various difficulty levels such as easy, hard, and medium. Assign the exam to students individually or in bulk.

Question Bank

Build a question bank by course, semester, textbook, chapter, sections, and subsections which is then used to create online exams. Group them by categorizing or tagging them.

Easily add, edit, update, archive, and manage the questions in the Question Bank. It’s a central repository of all the questions.

Custom roles can be created such as content creator or content reviewer to add and review questions before publishing it in the question bank.

Complete Reporting and Analytics

Real-time, data-driven, on-demand reports can be generated. These reports help teachers identify non-performing students, identify learning gaps, and take measures to help them improve over time.

Reporting and Analytics from our assessment engine will help your educational institution to measure, evaluate, and gain insights. It’s data-based evidence that the students are receiving high-quality teaching or not.

Custom-tailored Assessment Engine

Whether you run a coaching class, private institute, school, college, or university, this assessment engine can be customized to match your needs.

This is the main and one of the USPs of our assessment engine.

It is not another generic assessment engine that is out there in the market. Instead, it’s a custom-tailored solution that can be adapted to specific requirements that your institution may have.

Online Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE)

Conduct Continuous Internal Evaluations along with a summative assessment to assess the students’ progress continuously.

CIE helps students to measure their performance and progress frequently and improve themselves accordingly.

Support for Multilingual Content

The assessment engine can be configured for any language. Specifically, language-based exams in Marathi, Hindi, among others can be conducted.

Role-based system

Only authenticated and authorized users with controlled access will have access to the system.

Roles such as content creator, content reviewer, question setter, among others, can be created along with default roles such as administrator, students & teacher.

Scalable Architecture

The Quiz engine is built on enterprise architecture.

This is specifically useful for let’s say searching through thousands of questions for creating an online exam or report generation that requires complex analysis.

The server infrastructure can be scaled as per usage needs (at an additional cost.) Typically this is required if hundreds of students login simultaneously to take exams.

Fully Secure Assessment Engine

Authenticated and authorized access, SSL certificates, two-factor authentication, OTP based logins, and other security features keep the assessment engine fully secure.

The data such as question bank, exams, and their responses, exam results, students details, is safe & secure on cloud servers.

Questions Template Types


Add the question in a rich text area along with images if needed. Set the minimum and a maximum number of answer options. Enter the marks allocated for the options.

Fill In the blanks

Set the minimum and a maximum number of blanks to be filled. Students will type the answers. Assign marks to each blank.

Chronological Order

A drag-drop question where options have to be arranged in some order. Set the correct answer order, against which the student’s answer will be compared.

Match the columns

A drag-drop question where options have to be arranged against the left column. Set the correct answer order, against which the student’s answer will be compared.

Audio or Video Questions

Add questions in Audio & Video format Students will choose the answer after listening or watching them.

True or False

A question where students select either a true or a false option.

Comprehension Question

Comprehension questions contain a passage along with multiple questions. Students will answer the questions based on the passage.

Configure the number of maximum sub-questions and add them along with answers.

Custom Question template

Have a question template that is not listed above. We are continuously adding new question templates to our system.

Feel free to let us know and we would add the new question type as per your requirement.

More features of our Assessment Engine

Set exam schedule start and end Time
Set if any special instructions for an Exam
Set exam result time
Support for negative marking in exams
Supports to write formulas and equations
Exam Replay
Configure custom assessment logic
Show Surprise questions
Easily clone the exams
Skip or re-attempt Questions
Hints can be shown for question while taking the exams
Single Question Preview or entire exam preview before publishing

Institutions taking advantage of Online Exams System

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