Empower your WordPress site with our Awesome Apps

Empower your WordPress site with our Awesome Apps

What are you looking to do?


Manage the hiring of your team

If you are struggling to keep track of all the job applications and its statuses, then this is for you.

Online Exams System

An all-in-one Assessment Engine

A powerful Assessment Engine for coaching classes, private institutes, schools, colleges, and universities.


Manage leaves of your team

If you are fed up with managing leaves of your team in email or excel, then this is for you.


Quickly create a knowledge base

Easily design, create, publish and maintain help files, tutorials, manuals and documentation for your products and services.


Manage tasks for your team

If you are looking to easily manage tasks for your team members in a transparent and collaborative manner, then this is for you.


Easily create awesome guides for your products

If you need to write manuals for your product or service in a structured manner, then this is for you.

Awesome Advantage

We love WordPress

We love WordPress

We start with WordPress whenever we think of a solution. Our affair with WordPress is now over a decade old, and we still think we have just started.
Easily extendable & customizable

Easily extendable & customizable

We know that generic solutions rarely solve that one problem each of our our customers uniquely face, so we have made sure our Awesome Apps are easily customizable and extendable.
No fluff

No fluff

Adding an Awesome App on your website does not slow it down by adding unwanted scripts on every page of your website. All our apps include only what is absolutely necessary, and they load them when it is actually needed.
Awesome support

Awesome support

Our team is ever ready to support you with any help you need with our Awesome Apps or WordPress in general. We understand the challenges you face running your business, our team is here to make sure your website is not one of them. 


Do more with your WordPress site

We convert your WordPress site into a powerful business platform enabling you to do more with it and save overall cost.